Trailer Cash to attend Brigadoon 2014

trailercash on March 30, 2014

Trailer Cash is excited to announce that we will be attending the Brigadoon Highland Gathering this year at Bundanoon. Held annually in April, Brigadoon transforms Bundanoon into a wee bit of Scotland. As their website says-

The history, the clans, tartan the beautiful landscape, the castles, the bagpipes, the Highland Games, whisky. These are all unique features in Scotland and its people that you won’t find easily, and originally, anywhere else in the world. Brigadoon tries to encapsulate all of this and more.”

This year it will be held on Saturday April 5th and should be a great day of music, kilts, food and highland sports for all ages. I am well informed that even non-Scots and their families should have great fun. As Bundanoon is less than 2 hours from Sydney it could be a great day trip.

If you would like more information you can visit their website at

Trailer Cash will be on site with the pride of our fleet. Boasting three ATMs, LED lighting and full shelter from the elements, our Triple Trailer should ensure people will be able to easily access their cash without the need to leave the festivities.


Bundanoon Highland Gathering

Bundanoon Highland Gathering