Q. What does the trailer need to operate?
A. Please look at the section covering each trailer type for space and power requirements. The only essential requirement for all the ATMs is Telstra mobile phone coverage. This is critical to operation.
Q. What happens if you attend my event and there is no Telstra mobile phone coverage? Can I get a refund on my booking fee?
A. If there is no reception the ATMs won’t work so they will be taken back to base. No refunds will be given for any booking fee if there is no reception. PLEASE CHECK TELSTRA MOBILE PHONE RECEPTION BEFORE BOOKING.
Q. Do you have public liability insurance.
A. Yes. All trailers have $10m coverage and the policy will be presented on request for your records.
Q. Do you charge the same amount for transactions as ATMs on the main street?
A. No. Balance enquiries are very cheap but withdrawals are usually more expensive. This covers the cost of delivering the ATMs to the people and the cost of custom building the trailers. People are notified of the cost before committing to the transaction so can decide whether to go ahead. The overwhelming majority of the people at festivals are usually very happy to pay a little more for the convenience of quickly getting back to their friends and the entertainment.
Q. I have never seen portable ATMs before. Are you legitimate? You aren’t trying to scam everyone for their cards and numbers are you?
A. I have this question asked a lot. Yes I am a legitimate, safe and secure. If I was stealing peoples information I would not have lasted a month because every ATM is registered with the banks and if people’s accounts were being hacked I would be very easy to find and arrested. ATMs are actually very secure. Only 8 of the account numbers are stored on the ATM which is not enough to access an account. All the details are encrypted and no ATM owner can get to it. Skimmers can be used on the ATM but since they are moved every day they are examined by our installers several times a day so it’s almost impossible for them to be installed, monitored or the information retrieved by the bad guys. As far as skimming goes I would bet our machines are safer than fixed machines that are left unused or unattended for hours.
Q. What about robberies? Aren’t you worried someone will try and steal them?
A. This is a concern of course. Firstly though we do not believe anyone will try and point a gun at the machines and try and hold it up. It’s a ATM and cannot be held up. If people want the money they will have to break into it and apart from the obvious, physical barriers such as the safe there are usually several hundred people milling around it at festivals. These people would usually ensure that they didn’t break into the line before them let alone the safe. By the time they started using their angle grinders there would be 50 people surrounding them, taking their photos and placing them on Facebook. All ATMs are also alarmed, have GPS tracking and many passive security features that make them very difficult to steal.
Q. What happens if someone does try and steal the trailer? What should we do as an event organisation?
A. The simple answer is to not interfere. The ATMs can look after themselves and nothing they contain is worth risking anyone’s safety. If you do notice anyone trying to break into the machine then a phone call to Trailer Cash or the Police would be appreciated though. This is a VERY unlikely scenario though. Probably less likely than someone trying to break into an ATM at a shopping mall because our ATMs are almost never unattended.