• Our trailers are truly all weather machines. They can be used in pouring rain and the patron is completely protected. There should be the maximum convenience to users and if the weather is good enough for the festival I will be able to attend. I have heard that other companies trailers can only operate on sunny days because their ATMs get wet or users get rained on while operating the machine.
  • The trailer is fully wired up for internal and external lighting so it can be used during the night or on low visibility days. This increases the visibility of the machine and also ensures that users feel safe as they are in a well-lit area.
  • I will fully fund the ATM. This is a significant challenge for me and is a large factor of the price but I am so confident that I will have enough money to cover the event that I will give a 50% refund of the appearance fee if all the ATMs run out of cash before the scheduled closing time.
  • Attendees will appreciate the convenience of having on-site cash available
  • This will reduce the traffic through the gates by people leaving to get money.
  • Since many of the people who leave to get money off-site do not return it will increase the amount of time people stay at the event and the amount of money they spend
  • Stall Holders will appreciate the extra money being spent especially those without EFTPOS facilities.
  • The event should get a better reputation because of higher sales and that should enable either higher stall prices or quicker bookings.
  • If you have a stall there you will hopefully get higher sales
  • My funding the ATMs should release a lot of cash that might otherwise be tied up if you usually do any cash out facilities.

Please Note: I must have Telstra mobile phone reception at the site for the ATMs to operate. Special arrangements can be made but must have several weeks notice to organise.