ATM Trailers

Trailer Cash has a range of all-weather trailers that carry ATMs to suit most events. These trailers not only help transport the machines but also supply cover to protect them and customers from the elements. This allows the ATMs to operate outdoors in almost all weather conditions and we don’t mean from sunny to cloudy. These trailers can handle heat waves, solid rain and wind. If your event is running, our ATMs will be working.

The trailers can be placed on almost all terrains including grass, gravel and concrete.

The only limitation on the trailers is communication. All trailers need Telstra Mobile phone coverage. This is critical for operation and needs to be confirmed. The ATMs won’t run without it.

The benefits of having ATMs at your event are significant.

  • They can inject large amounts of extra cash into the events economy. Most of the money withdrawn is spent at the event and your stall holders will appreciate the extra sales. Many stall holders don’t have or would prefer not to have EFTPOS and these are especially happy.
  • Happier stall holders mean successful events and quicker take-up of stall spaces the following year.
  • ATMs simplify your life because you don’t need to organise EFTPOS facilities for cash out. Let’s not even mention that you don’t need to handle the cash manually or that this cash could be better spent on the event instead of as a reserve.
  • People will stay longer at the event instead of having to leave early to access cash. Also people who leave to get cash can often forget to return if it is inconvenient. Shoppers at markets often do not want to carry several bags of groceries  a few blocks to the nearest ATM then lug them back so they can buy the more expensive cheese.
  • Less people leaving during an event reduces your traffic flow through the gates which means less staff are required and surrounding neighbours have less traffic movements.
  • People prefer to stay at an event. If someone is there with friends they don’t want to have to leave the excitement and their friends so they can get enough cash to buy some food. Leaving can put a major hole in someone’s day
  • Many people prefer to take out cash and spend it where they want instead of having to do many transactions with EFTPOS or buy tokens. Even if it is more expensive they prefer the freedom.