Trailer Cash to attend Gumball

trailercash on April 8, 2014

Gumball is one of the best mini-music festivals of the season. It is a relaxing couple of days of camping and music that is rare on the music scene.

Trailer Cash attended Gumball 2013 and had so much fun.

Their relaxed camping policy meant that attendees saved a fortune because they were allowed to bring in their own food and alcohol (not in glass of course). Both were available for purchase on site but it was nice to not be completely dependant on them.

But the highlight is, of course, the music. There were so many local Sydney bands that had been doing the local rounds for years combined with some brilliant national and international acts. They all shared the ability to connect with the audience because the crowd sizes were smaller and they tended to be more acoustic. This allowed the sound of the instruments and voices to shine.

I look forward to seeing it again this year and finding some new bands to love. If you would like more information please visit

Trailer Cash will be in attendance so you should be able to access your finances easily without needing to leave the music.